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The Sacred Maiden

I wrote a short legend for a bigger project that’s keeping my mind occupied when I’m not working or playing games. I wanted to share this with you as it’s one of the first things I’ve finished in a while and want to know if you like it. This is not the only story. I’m planning more short stories, kind of like this one. There will be at least one or two more stories and the girl and why she is considered sacred.

Read on for the story and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is encouraged.

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Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart

Ghibli Studio’s Whisper of the Heart is my favorite movie. Yes, it’s a children’s movie, animated by the Japanese version of Disney studios, but I can’t help it.

The story revolves about a young girl, Tsukishima Shizuku, who spends her summer vacation reading books instead of studying. All the books she borrows from the local library have one thing in common. A boy called Amagasa Seiji borrowed them before. She reads a lot of fairy tales and imagines Seiji as her prince charming. During her vacation she encounters a ‘jerk’ and she strongly wishes Seiji isn’t like him. At the end of the summer vacation she finds out the two boys are the same and that he isn’t a jerk. She just misunderstood. Seiji tells Shizuku that his dream is to become a great violin builder and that he wants to go to Italy to pursue his dream instead of going to high school.  Shizuku get inspired to find and follow her own dream, writing. I won’t tell you the ending, but I’m sure you can guess.

I love this movie because of its theme, follow your dreams. I think more people need to find their dreams and work to pursue them. I always feel inspired by this movie and it makes me want to work harder to get where I want to be. What makes this movie even more special to me is that my dreams is also writing.

When I’m down or have a writer’s block, I have to watch or read something that inspires that me. Whisper of the Heart is one that never fails to do so. Miyazaki Hayao’s magic is one that keeps enchanting people. His magic is of all ages and never becomes old.  All of his movies have a setting that you can only create when you wonder. You can’t think of something like The Cat Returns or Ponyo without that wonder. Watching any of his movies triggers my wonder ability.

Of course there are other works with themes about passion and dreams. Bakuman is another one in the same category. But I wouldn’t watch Bakuman to get inspired. I would watch it when I need a reminder to work hard. Talent becomes nothing without hard work.


For anyone who doesn’t know what Munchkin is, go play it. It’s a card game and a role-playing game. If you’re a very serious person, drink a beer before you play. Or maybe six. The game will be fun.

My sister and I decided we want this game. Not just one package, but a lot. It’s more fun that way, especially when you’re with nine people. I can really see us buttpwning eachother all night.

But here’s the crazy idea, and I’m sure I’m not the first who thought of it. My writing isn’t perfect and need practice. So I decided to try to make a story of one of the games. If and when I finish it, you can find it here.