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I have updated the two pages about me. Not much is added, besides some links on the hypermobility page and the addition that I’ve graduated from university. I’m getting my diploma on Tuesday and I’m very excited 😀 Who wouldn’t be?

When I was updating the page about hypermobility, it felt incomplete. I’ve learned and experienced a lot in these two years and I do see people coming here to read about my experiences. For them, and for me, I’ll write some more general posts about hypermobility. Note that I’m certainly not a doctor and have never studied anything in the field of medicine or biology. These posts are all my own experiences and definitely don’t apply to everyone who is hypermobile.


Blog update

I’ve updated the About pages. Nothing interesting has been added, but it’s more personal now 🙂 And yes, again, a new theme. I love the widget on the left side ❤

Another Update

Updated my pages. Visit them if you want. I didn’t add much info yet, just rearranged. Only the Valenth page is new 🙂