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Garruk vs Liliana

Today is the release date of this new Duel Deck. I’m sad to say that I’m kind of broke, so I can’t afford it now. I did look it up the decklists and I saw a lot of familiar cards. Most of them I even have, especially from the green deck. It’s still my favorite colour. Of course, this isn’t going to keep me from buying it!

When I have the money.


Garruk vs Liliana

This new duel deck was announced in June. Maybe after the new release of Zendikar last week they will start showing some cards which will support Garruk and Liliana in their power struggle. I’m really excited. Having the Divine vs Demonic duel deck (and won every time I played with it) and being a fan of Liliana (evil and sexy, woot), I really want this.

*adds to wishlist*

If someone is willing to buy this for me, let me know.