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Guild Wars 2 Community Power

Jormag's Corruption

One of the reasons why I like and still continue to play Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 is because of the community. I know for sure that I could never have come this far without the GW-wiki. So it didn’t surprise me one bit when fan-made sites appeared on the GW2 forums. Read on for some very useful links 🙂 If you have more to add, feel free to leave a comment so I can add it into the list.

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Wintersday in Tyria

Every year, Wintersday is celebrated in Tyria and Elona. This year Toymaker Tixx is flying his airship/workshop around Tyria to celebrate. He has made stops in The Grove, Divinity’s Reach, Hoelbrak, The Black Citadel and Rata sum before going to Lion’s Arch for his grand finale.

Toymaker Tixx’s Airship seen from The Black Citadel

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Guild Wars 2 – Divinity’s Reach Vistas

Guild Wars 2 – Lion’s Arch Vistas

Guild Wars 2 – Yarr! There be Pirate’s puzzles

Boringz has uploaded more jumping puzzles! One of the has pirate loot (10,000 karma for one item though). Good luck jumping!

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