About me

My name is Endalia. I’m a young woman in my early twenties. I graduated in december 2011 and I’m carrying the title of Master of Arts. I’m very proud of this, being able to do something beyond my level while also having enough obstacles to make others quit. After I became sick in November 2009, a lot of things happened to me, physically and mentally. I received my first diagnosis June 2010, which was hypermobility. I think it isn’t the diagnosis but a symptom. The pain I have now can’t be explained with ‘just’ hypermobility, but I have yet to find a doctor who is willing to help me find a definite answer.

To relieve myself from pain, I game. I play Magic: The Gathering, lots of PC games and the occasional PS3 and DS game. I’m not the competitive type (also because I can’t), but I recently got hooked on League of Legends.

Besides gaming I write, read and watch movies. One of my defining passions is Asia. I love Japan, South-Korea and China. That also reflects in what I read and watch: manga, anime and martial arts movies. It doesn’t mean that I only consume media products related to the Far East. Anything that has some artistic or a great aesthetic catches my interest. I’m always willing to try something new.

Between what’s happening in real life and playing games, I am a freelance writer. Some of it can be found here and on Eye of the Vortex. I mostly write about things I like, but my specialization is media analysis, no matter what type of medium.

(Updated: 19-2-2012)

  1. This is where you are supposed to put pics Endalia ^_^

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