Guild Wars 2 Community Power

Jormag's Corruption

One of the reasons why I like and still continue to play Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 is because of the community. I know for sure that I could never have come this far without the GW-wiki. So it didn’t surprise me one bit when fan-made sites appeared on the GW2 forums. Read on for some very useful links 🙂 If you have more to add, feel free to leave a comment so I can add it into the list. – A database with all the items, recipes, achievements, skills, maps and builds – An interactive map of Tyria as it is now. This is a community project, so you can help to complete the map with hints for other players. – A gallery of all the armor. Sadly, it’s only pictures. No information as to where you can get it. – It’s impossible to have a Guild Wars 2 link list without Dulfy on it 🙂 You can find all kinds of information there. It’s a good place to spend time when you’re bored. – A creepy, crawly spider gathering information about the prices on the Black Lion Trading Post. – Another site for builds and sharing. – A timer for all major events. Also available on iPhone and android devices. Very useful, but sometimes the timers are out of date. If you use this one, be sure to help out with updating the timer. – A list of all the World vs World matches, including scores. – If you like role playing, this site hosts events for both NA and EU. – You can find a group here for almost any dungeon and if you don’t, simply put on a request yourself 🙂 – This site has the current gems/gold exchange rate.

(Note: this list doesn’t include fan sites, just tools to make your GW2 experience even better.)


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  1. …maaaaybe I should play GW2 a bit more… Only really played it once. Stuff like this makes me feel I’m missing out.

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