Diablo 3 – Witch Doctor Summoner Build

You know those moments when you think of something genius. Most of such moments happen in the shower, on the toilet or just walking. Diablo 3 is now ever-present in the back of my mind, especially during those moments. Yesterday morning I thought of a Witch Doctor Summoner build.

Do you remember those moments from Diablo 2, when another player (necromancer) joined and started spamming all his summons and your game would lag like hell? Yeah, that won’t happen in Diablo 3.

Witch Doctor, the Herder of Spirits

When you choose “Elective Skills” in the option menu, it’s possible to select skills from a different ‘tree’ for that hotkey. This gives players the ability to create thousands of different builds. The Summoner Build is something you should use for fun. And I know that the build I’m showing here is just one version of a Summoner build. With all skills and runes unlocked, you can (probably) make better, more awesome, more fun or more of a troll build.


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