Short Course Asian Pop Music – Korea

Korean popular music, or K-pop, has been booming the last few years. Proof of this was the very successful concert SM Entertainment held in Paris last year. It sold out in just a few hours  and the European fans are already asking when they are coming back. Soon after that they held another concert in New York, which sold out even faster. German magazines write articles about K-pop and Indonesia shows regular K-pop music videos on their music channels.

SM Entertainment is one of the biggest agencies in Korea. They produce a lot of successful and award-winning artists.

SNSD (소녀시대) or Girls’ Generation is a girl group with currently nine members. They’ve won 83 awards in less than five years, such as award for Best Newcomer, Best song and Popularity awards.

The male counterpart is Super Junior (슈퍼주니어). This male group consists of thirteen members (!) with nine active memers and is very popular in all of Asia.  They have won a total of 107 awards for Best Song, Best male group, Album of the Year and Best Performer.

Another big one is YG Entertainment.  YG has two very popular groups and like to be different. The looks of these groups are very different, more extreme and more fashionable than the groups from S.M. Entertainment.

2NE1 (to-any-one) is the female group with four members. They’ve only released two albums until now but are very popular and are already aiming for a breakthrough in the western world with rereleasing their songs in English. So far they’ve won 41 awards.

Big Bang is YG’s male group. The five members are making a coming back this year after a year of absence. They’ve won 49 awards since their debute in 2006 and I’m expecting that they’ll a few more this year.

Of course these are just four groups and both agencies have a lot more talented artists and groups. If you like the groups I talked about in this post I highly suggest you check out more videos on youtube from SMent and the YG family. You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. K and J pop ftw ^^

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