Awesome stuff I wish I had – Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary box

Kingdom Hearts is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. This franchise has a special meaning to me. When the first game came out it, I saw the trailer and was entranced by the beautiful song that accompanied it. I looked it up and found it was Simple and Clean from Utada Hikaru. This was my first conscious meeting with the Japanese pop culture. After that I started to watch anime (the ones not shown here), read manga, listen to more Asian songs etc. Without Kingdom Hearts I wouldn’t be who I am today ❤ So I wish I had it, I wish I could buy it, and who knows, maybe I will 🙂

Square Enix’s Japanese blog has finally released some pictures of the upcomingKingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box.

The box will include the upcoming 3D game, Dream Drop Distance (for the 3DS), Kingdom Hearts re:Coded and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (for the DS), a 3DS cover, and 12 postcards.

New Images of 'Kingdom Hearts' 10th Anniversary Box

The set will be released on March 29th with a retail price of 15,000 yen ($193 US).

(Source: JpopAsia)


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  1. I want that D: gief it to me 😀

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