From the Vault: Exiled

From the Vault: Exiled was released the 28th of august and I got a box! Yay, go me! And no, I will not sell it. Maybe I’ll sell or trade an individual card, but not all of them. I like them too, thank you very much.

I’ve checked and prices in the US reach to $150 for a new box. Some individuals cards go for $7.50. Especially Lotus Petal are wanted. And who doesn’t? One mana of any colo(u)r, for free!

I also found out that I have the old version of Tinker. At least it’s cheaper than buying four from Exiled.

Gifts Ungiven
Goblin Lackey
Kird Ape
Lotus Petal
Mystical Tutor
Senseis Divining Top
Serendib Efreet
Strip Mine

Also included: orange dice and leaflet with card and format information


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